Appendix 4D Transfer Confirmation by Sponsor

Cross referenced from Rule 410(2)

We __________________________ , sponsor of _______________________ (SGX Main Board issuer applying for transfer) notify the Exchange that the issuer may be transferred to Catalist and the following securities quoted:

____________________________ (details of securities)

We confirm:

1. Having made reasonable due diligence enquiries and having considered all relevant matters as required by the Rules for sponsors, we are satisfied that the issuer is suitable to be listed on Catalist.
2. The requirements in Rule 410 have been complied with.
3. There are no other matters known to us that should be taken into account except ____________ (if none, write nil).
4. We are not aware of any material information which has yet to be announced.
5. We hold a full mandate to undertake continuing activities for the issuer.
6. The directors of the issuer have been informed of their obligations under the Rules and relevant Singapore laws and regulations.
7. The issuer has all the requisite approvals, and is in compliance with all laws and regulations, that materially affect its business operations.
8. The number of shareholders is _____________ and the percentage of issued share capital held in public hands is ________ %.
9. No further information relevant to the transfer should be advised to the Exchange.

* Delete where not applicable.

Dated: _________________  
Signed on behalf of sponsor: __________________________________
  (Name and designation of person signing)