Appendix 2C Change of Sponsor Confirmation

Cross-referenced from Rule 224(2)(b)

We __________________________ (name of sponsor), notify the Exchange that with effect from _________________ , we will act as sponsor for ___________________ (name of issuer).

1. We confirm:
(a) We are independent from the issuer and are able to demonstrate it to the Exchange, if required.
(b) We hold a full mandate to undertake the relevant sponsorship activities for the issuer.
2. In relation to paragraph 1(a) of the above declaration, we disclose the following.
(a) *We, our partners, directors, employees and associates of such partners, directors and employees, either individually or collectively, *have/do not have any interest# in any class of securities of the sponsored issuer above 5% of the total issued securities. Details of such interest (if any) are as follows:_____________.
(b) Our *partners, directors, employees and associates of such partners, directors and employees involved in providing advice to the sponsored issuer *have/do not have a directorship in the sponsored issuer. Details of such directorship (if any) are as follows:_______________.

*Delete where not applicable.

# Reference to an 'interest in securities' shall include rights, options and warrants (or similar financial products, where applicable) as if they have been exercised.

Dated: ________________  
Signed on behalf of sponsor: ________________________________
  (Name and designation of person signing)

Amended on 7 February 20207 February 2020.