7A.06A.2 Clearing House Connect Layer Contribution

7A.06A.2.1 The total contribution by the Clearing House to the Connect Layer (“Aggregate Clearing House Connect Layer Contribution”) shall be at least an amount equivalent to 25% of the Connect Layer size, and allocated as follows:
a. an amount of not less than 15% of the Connect Layer size shall form the Clearing House Connect Layer First Loss Contribution as referred to in Rule 7A.01A.2F.1.a; and
b. any remaining amount shall form any other Clearing House contribution to the Connect Layer referred to in Rule 7A.01A.2F.1.c.
7A.06A.2.2 Aggregate Clearing House Connect Layer Contribution shall comprise the following, where such funds are available:
a. the capital of the Clearing House;
b. the net proceeds of financial guarantee and/or default insurance; and
c. any other financial instrument.

Added on 29 July 2022.