3.5.4 Business Continuity Requirements

(1) a Clearing Member must assess its business and operational risks and maintain adequate business continuity arrangements.
(2) a Clearing Member must document its business continuity arrangements in a business continuity plan.
(3) a Clearing Member's senior management shall be responsible for the Clearing Member's business continuity plan. Sufficient awareness of the risks, mitigating measures and state of readiness must be demonstrated by way of an attestation to the Clearing Member's Board of Directors.
(4) a Clearing Member must review and test its business continuity plan regularly.
(5) a Clearing Member must appoint emergency contact persons, and furnish the contact information of such persons to CDP. The Clearing Member's emergency contact persons must be contactable at all times, and must immediately notify CDP in the event of emergencies.

Refer to Practice Note 3.5.4.

Added on 22 January 200922 January 2009