(1) A foreign issuer which has a primary listing on the Exchange must comply with the listing rules in full.
(2) In addition, the following requirements should also be complied with:—
(a) Confirmation that an announcement will be made via SGXNET as soon as there is any change in the law of its place of incorporation which may affect or change shareholders' rights or obligations over its securities, including:—
(i) The right to attend, speak, vote at shareholders' meetings and the right to appoint proxies;
(ii) Right to receive rights offering and any other entitlements;
(iii) Withholding taxes on its securities;
(iv) Stamp duties on its securities;
(v) Substantial shareholder reporting requirements for its securities;
(vi) Foreign shareholding limits on the securities;
(vii) Capital controls over cash dividends or other cash distributions payable in respect of its securities; and
(viii) Obligations to file documents or make declarations in respect of its securities.

Amended on 29 September 201129 September 2011.