2.15.1A Audit Report for Direct Clearing Members

Without prejudice to such audit and/or reporting requirements as may be imposed by the Clearing House from time to time, a Direct Clearing Member shall furnish to the Clearing House within five (5) months of the end of its financial year or within such longer period as may be permitted in writing by the Clearing House, the relevant forms which a Direct Clearing Member is required to lodge in the prescribed format under Rule 2.26, the annual accounts duly audited by, and the certificate of, its auditor or auditors who shall be a public accountant or a firm of public accountants acceptable to the Clearing House. The certificate shall pertain to the audit conducted by such auditor or auditors in respect of the financial year aforesaid and shall be in such form prescribed by the Relevant Regulatory Authority.

2.15.1A.1 [Rule has been deleted.]
2.15.1A.2 [Rule has been deleted.]
2.15.1A.3 [Rule has been deleted.]
2.15.1A.4 [Rule has been deleted.]

Reporting obligations of auditors

2.15.1A.5 Where, in the performance of his or their duties, the Direct Clearing Member's auditor or auditors becomes or become aware:—
a. of any matter which in his or their opinion adversely affects or may adversely affect the financial position of the Direct Clearing Member to a material extent,
b. of any matter which in his or their opinion constitutes or may constitute a contravention of any provision of this Rules or an offence involving fraud or dishonesty, or
c. of any irregularity that has or may have a material effect upon the accounts,
the auditor or auditors shall immediately report the matter to the Clearing House.

Added on 27 March 200627 March 2006 and amended on 10 August 200710 August 2007 and 22 April 201922 April 2019.