Mandatory Minimum Penalties to be Imposed by Disciplinary Committee for certain Rule violations

(1) Minimum penalties imposable by the Disciplinary Committee have been stipulated in respect of certain Rule violations, as set out in the thirteenth column of Schedule A.
(2) Where a minimum penalty has been stipulated in respect of a particular Rule violation, if the Disciplinary Committee is satisfied that SGX-ST has proved on a balance of probabilities that the Trading Member, an Approved Executive Director or a Trading Representative has committed the conduct described in the charge, the Disciplinary Committee:
(a) shall impose a penalty, pursuant to its power under Rule 14.5.4(3), not lower than the minimum amount as stated in the thirteenth column of Schedule A, for that particular Rule violation; and
(b) may choose to impose, in addition to the penalty in subsection (a), any one or more of the sanction(s) as set out in Rule 14.5.4.

Added on 16 May 201116 May 2011.