The powers of the Disciplinary Committee include:—

(1) expelling a registered person. The Disciplinary Committee may order a registered person to be expelled notwithstanding that he has resigned;
(2) suspending a registered person;
(3) imposing a fine not exceeding S$250,000 on a registered person;
(4) reprimanding (publicly or privately) a registered person;
(5) requiring an education program to be undertaken;
(6) requiring a compliance program to be undertaken;
(7) imposing any restrictions or conditions on activities that a registered person undertakes;
(8) requiring reimbursement or compensation to be paid;
(9) ordering payment of fine by installments;
(10) ordering a stay of the penalty imposed, pending an appeal to the Appeals Committee;
(11) requiring any Director to step down from day-to-day conduct of the business affairs of the Trading Member; and
(12) confirming, changing or discharging the appointment of a Manager under Rule 14.12.2(d).