Where the Trading Member collects margins from the customer in connection with trades executed on SGX-ST, regardless of whether it is required to under the Rules, the following shall apply:

(1) subject to Rule 19.10.5, nothing in these Rules prohibits a Trading Member from imposing margin requirements, hair-cut rates, payment periods for customers to deposit collateral, valuations of positions and collateral, and making calls for additional margins, as it sees fit;
(2) if a Trading Member is unable to contact a customer to call for margins, a written notice sent to the customer at the most recent address furnished by the customer to the Trading Member shall be deemed sufficient; and
(3) where a customer fails to meet such margin that the Trading Member may call from the customer, the Trading Member may take actions as it deems appropriate, without giving notice to the customer, to reduce its exposures to the customer. Such actions may include liquidating all or such part of the customer's collateral deposited with the Trading Member, or taking action to offset all or such part of the customer's positions. SGX-ST may also order such Trading Member to immediately to take such action to offset all or such part of the positions of the customer to rectify the deficiency.

Added on 21 January 201321 January 2013.