Past version: Effective up to 28 Sep 2011

(1) The requirement to have an issue manager ends once the issuer is admitted to listing, although it is recommended that the issuer retain the services of the issue manager for at least one year following its listing.
(2) Regardless of whether an issuer continues the sponsorship after listing, it must comply with the following disclosure requirements:—
(a) For two years after listing, the issuer must prominently include a statement that the initial public offering of its shares was sponsored by [name of issue manager] in all announcements made by it (on SGXNET or otherwise) and in all information documents issued by it to shareholders.
(b) Unless exceptional circumstances exist, "prominently" in Rule 113(2)(a) means in print no smaller than the main text of the announcement, and positioned on the front page of the announcement. However, the statement must not be drafted or positioned in such a way as to imply that the issue manager endorses the current transaction (unless the issue manager is involved in the transaction).
(3) The sponsor is not required to be involved in all matters relating to the issuer's compliance with the listing rules. However, the Exchange encourages issuers to consider engaging their sponsors to assist them post listing.