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    • 321

      (1) The chairman of the Appeals Committee shall determine the manner by which a hearing is to be conducted, having due regard to the notice of hearing issued under Rule 320(2). A hearing before the Appeals Committee may be heard as a rehearing and evidence not previously considered by the Disciplinary Committee may be adduced.
      (2) No member of the Appeals Committee shall participate in an appeal if he has a conflict of interest.
      (3) Where the Appeals Committee is of the opinion that the charge is defective, the Appeals Committee may invite the Exchange to amend the charge, or directly amend the charge.
      (4) An appellant may withdraw an appeal at any time before the decision of the Appeals Committee by providing a notice of discontinuance to the Appeals Committee. Where a Relevant Person withdraws an appeal under this sub-rule and the Appeals Committee is of the opinion that the conduct of the Relevant Person was unreasonable, the Appeals Committee may order that the Relevant Person pay reasonable costs incurred by the Exchange.
      (5) A Relevant Person may be represented by legal counsel at the hearings.
      (6) The secretariat of the Appeals Committee must be informed in writing of the name of the legal counsel at least 14 business days before the hearing of the appeal.

      Added on 7 October 20157 October 2015.