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  • Facilitating Interaction with Shareholders

    • 730A

      (1) An issuer primary-listed on the Exchange shall hold all its general meetings in Singapore, unless prohibited by relevant laws and regulations in the jurisdiction of its incorporation.
      (2) All resolutions at general meetings shall be voted by poll.
      (3) At least one scrutineer shall be appointed for each general meeting. The appointed scrutineer(s) shall be independent of the persons undertaking the polling process. Where the appointed scrutineer is interested in the resolution(s) to be passed at the general meeting, it shall refrain from acting as the scrutineer for such resolution(s).
      (4) The appointed scrutineer shall exercise the following duties:
      (a) ensuring that satisfactory procedures of the voting process are in place before the general meeting; and
      (b) directing and supervising the count of the votes cast through proxy and in person.

      Added on 1 January 20141 January 2014 and amended on 1 August 20151 August 2015.