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  • Documents to be Submitted with the Application

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      One copy of the following documents (where required) must be submitted as supporting documents:—

      (1) Draft circular to shareholders unless shareholder approval is not required for the issue.
      (2) If an independent financial adviser is required to be appointed in connection with the issue, the letter from the independent financial adviser setting out its advice and recommendation on the issue.
      (3) If profit or cash flow projections are disclosed in a document issued to shareholders, the applicant must submit the detailed projections upon request by the Exchange.
      (4) If the share issue is an interested party transaction, a copy of each contract, plan or agreement pursuant to which the issue is made.
      (5) If a valuation was made on an asset being acquired, a copy of the relevant valuation report. If the asset being acquired is a real property, a copy of the relevant property valuation report.
      (6) If the application involves a bonus issue, a written confirmation from the company's auditors that the reserves are sufficient to cover the bonus issue.
      (7) Other documents, such as the draft abridged prospectus, prospectus and deed poll that may be applicable to the issue of securities.
      (8) An undertaking from the issuer that it will make periodic announcement on the utilization of the proceeds, as the funds from the rights issue are disbursed.
      (9) If a substantial shareholder undertakes to apply for his entitlements and/or excess rights shares, a confirmation from a financial institution that the substantial shareholder has the necessary financial resources.
      (10) In the allotment of any excess rights shares, a confirmation from the issuer that preference will be given to the rounding of odd lots, and that directors and substantial shareholders who have control or influence over the issuer in connection with the day-to-day affairs of the issuer or the terms of the rights issue, or have representation (direct or through a nominee) on the board of the issuer will rank last in priority for the rounding of odd lots and allotment of excess rights shares.

      Amended on 29 September 201129 September 2011, 7 February 20207 February 2020 and 12 February 2021.