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    • 740

      A document given to the Exchange by an entity, or on its behalf, becomes and remains the property of the Exchange to deal with as it wishes, including copying, storing in a retrieval system, transmitting and selling to the public, and publishing any part of the document and permitting others to do so. The documents referred to in this rule include a document given to the Exchange in support of a listing application or in compliance with the listing rules.

    • 741

      Documents for overseas shareholders shall be forwarded by air or by facsimile transmission or, in another way that ensures that the documents will be received quickly.

    • 742

      Where an issue of securities is to be made overseas and is supported by a prospectus or other public documents, the prospectus or other public documents must be submitted to the Exchange in English. Such documents must be endorsed "Specimen — For information only".

    • 743

      An issuer must supply the Exchange with such number of final printed copies as the Exchange may require from time to time (and one soft copy in such format as the Exchange may require) of the following documents for public release:—

      (1) All periodic and special reports, circulars, etc., released or issued by the issuer for the information of holders of any of the issuer's listed securities;
      (2) The published accounts of the issuer and all documents annexed thereto, as soon as issued.

      Amended on 7 February 20207 February 2020.

    • 744

      Rule 743 does not apply to an announcement released to the Exchange via SGXNET.