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  • Transfers, Registration and Splitting

    • 732

      An issuer must:—

      (1) accept for registration transfers of the issuer's securities executed on a standard form of transfer approved by the Exchange or on such other form as may be approved by the Exchange.
      (2) issue certificates in requested denominations when requested by the transferee at the time of lodgement of registrable transfers.
      (3) despatch within 10 market days after the day of lodgement of a registrable transfer, a certificate in respect of such securities and a balance certificate for any remainder.
      (4) when so requested by the transferee at the time of lodgement of a registrable transfer, despatch the certificate in respect of those securities to the lodging broker.
      (5) not refuse to register or fail to register or give effect to any registrable transfer in respect of securities issued by the issuer unless:—
      (a) registration of the transfer would result in a contravention of or failure to observe Singapore laws or the rules and requirements of the Exchange; or
      (b) the transfer is in respect of a partly paid security for which a call has been made and is unpaid. .
      (6) endorse (where necessary) transfer forms with the notation "power of attorney exhibited" or "probate exhibited" on production of the proper documents and do so without charge.
      (7) split certificates within 5 market days or certify transfers within 2 market days on lodgement of the relevant certificates as follows:—

      "Certificate No. . ...... is held in the Company's office against this transfer No. .......................... for ........................ on the .............. Register. This transfer must be completed and returned within forty-two days from this date, .......

      Name of Company
      Official Signature(s)"
      (8) split provisional allotment letters within 2 market days.
    • 733

      If in the exercise of its rights under Rule 732(5), an issuer refuses to register a transfer of a security, it must give to the lodging party written notice of the refusal and the precise reasons therefore within 10 market days after the date on which the transfer was lodged with the issuer.

    • 734

      An issuer must not charge more than $2.00 for each certificate issued.