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  • Part V Listing Requirements for Foreign Issuers

    • 215

      Foreign issuers may list on the SGX Mainboard. The listing may be a primary listing or a secondary listing.

      Amended on 7 February 20207 February 2020.

    • 216

      (1) A foreign issuer which has a primary listing on the Exchange must comply with the listing rules in full.
      (2) In addition, the following requirements should also be complied with:—
      (a) Confirmation that an announcement will be made via SGXNET as soon as there is any change in the law of its place of incorporation which may affect or change shareholders' rights or obligations over its securities, including:—
      (i) The right to attend, speak, vote at shareholders' meetings and the right to appoint proxies;
      (ii) Right to receive rights offering and any other entitlements;
      (iii) Withholding taxes on its securities;
      (iv) Stamp duties on its securities;
      (v) Substantial shareholder reporting requirements for its securities;
      (vi) Foreign shareholding limits on the securities;
      (vii) Capital controls over cash dividends or other cash distributions payable in respect of its securities; and
      (viii) Obligations to file documents or make declarations in respect of its securities.

      Amended on 29 September 201129 September 2011.

    • 217

      A foreign issuer applying for a secondary listing must already be listed or will be concurrently listed on a foreign stock exchange (referred to as the "home exchange") and must be, or will be, subject to the listing (or other) rules of the home exchange where it has a primary listing. The application need not comply with Part VIII of this Chapter with regard to the moratorium on promoters' shareholdings. A foreign issuer with a secondary listing on the Exchange need not comply with the Exchange's listing rules, provided that it undertakes to:—

      (1) release all information and documents in English to the Exchange at the same time as they are released to the home exchange;
      (2) inform the Exchange of any issue of additional securities in a class already listed on the Exchange and the decision of the home exchange; and
      (3) comply with such other listing rules as may be applied by the Exchange from time to time (whether before or after listing).
    • 218

      All securities will be quoted in Singapore dollars, unless the Exchange agrees to a quotation in a foreign currency, or unless the Monetary Authority of Singapore's policy on the internationalisation of the Singapore dollar requires otherwise. Listing applicants are encouraged to consult the Exchange if they prefer a quotation in a foreign currency.

    • Share Transfer Facilities

      • 219

        Arrangements satisfactory to the Exchange must be made to enable shareholders in Singapore to register their shareholdings promptly.

    • Resident Director

      • 221

        A foreign issuer must have at least two independent directors, resident in Singapore.