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  • 2.19 Omnibus Account

    • 2.19.1 Clearing Requirements

      A Clearing Member carrying Omnibus Accounts must maintain with the Clearing House a complete list of all such accounts, and shall notify the Clearing House in writing within three (3) Business Days from the time such an account is either opened or closed. Information for each Omnibus Account must include the account holder's name, account number and the account holder's address, and such other information as the Clearing House may require, and classification of the account as either "Customer" or "House".

    • 2.19.2 Restrictions

      The Clearing House is empowered to place restrictions or limitations on each Clearing Member which carries Omnibus Accounts. In making these determinations, the Clearing House may consider:— the number of Omnibus Accounts carried and volume of business of the Clearing Member; the financial condition of the Clearing Member and the Omnibus Account Holder in light of requirements or standards determined by the Clearing House; and the Clearing Member's clearing facilities and capacity.

      Amended on 27 March 200627 March 2006.

    • 2.19.3 Responsibility

      A Clearing Member that maintains an Omnibus Account shall be responsible to the Clearing House to ensure that the Omnibus Account is operated at all times in accordance with all relevant provisions of this Rules including the relevant rules on position limits and position accountability, and shall, without prejudice to any other liability it may have, indemnify the Clearing House for any loss or damage or prejudice that the Clearing House may suffer referable to a violation of this Rule (including such loss, damage or costs the Clearing House incurs in taking such measures as it deems in good faith necessary to preserve the integrity of the Clearing House and/or the Exchange in relation to any claim referable to such violation).

      Amended on 27 March 200627 March 2006 and 3 August 2020.

    • 2.19.4 Disclosure

      An Omnibus Account Holder shall at all times disclose to the Clearing Member carrying that account the gross long and short positions held by that Omnibus Account in each Commodity. Such Clearing Member shall immediately notify the Clearing House and shall promptly comply with all orders of the Clearing House if the Omnibus Account Holder fails to make such disclosure.

      An Omnibus Account Holder shall, prior to the first delivery day in a Delivery Month or as otherwise required by the Clearing House, provide the Clearing Member carrying that account with a complete list of the purchase and sale dates of all open positions for that Delivery Month. Such list shall be kept up to date throughout the Delivery Month in order that the delivery procedure of the Clearing House not be impaired.

      A Clearing Member that maintains an Omnibus Account shall ensure that its Omnibus Account Holders are aware of this Rule 2.19.

      Amended on 22 September 200622 September 2006.