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  • 2.05 Admission

    • 2.05.1

      The Clearing House will endeavour to process, consider and decide upon an application to be a Clearing Member in a timely fashion, but owes no obligation to do so.

    • 2.05.2

      The Clearing House may require the applicant to provide such evidence as it may require and may require the applicant to be present at such time and place as the Clearing House requires. The Clearing House, if it deems necessary, may conduct such investigation and make enquiries upon the applicant and any information and particulars given by the applicant.

    • 2.05.3

      Upon approval of application being granted by the Clearing House, the Clearing House shall promptly notify the applicant in writing.

    • 2.05.4

      If the Clearing House refuses an application, it shall notify the applicant in writing of its decision and it shall not be required to give any reason to the applicant for its decision.