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  • 15.1 Permissible Activities

    • 15.1.1

      The research department of a Trading Member must engage only in the following activities:—

      (1) research or analysis of securities or futures contracts (including recommendations, if any); or
      (2) other activities SGX-ST approves.

      Amended on 3 April 20083 April 2008 and 8 October 20188 October 2018.

    • 15.1.1A

      Unless exempt under the Securities and Futures Act or the Securities or Futures Regulations, prior to engaging in research activities, a Trading Member and its research staff must obtain the appropriate licence.

      Added on 3 April 20083 April 2008.

    • 15.1.2

      A Trading Member must not circumvent this Chapter by entering into any arrangements.