Practice Note 2.8.1 — Direct Market Access And Sponsored Access

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1. Introduction

1.1 This Practice Note provides further guidance on the definitions of Direct Market Access under Rule 2 and Sponsored Access under Rule 8.1 — Definitions.

2. Direct Market Access

2.1 Direct Market Access may take place in the following manner:
(a) where the Member permits its customer to use its member ID to transmit orders for execution directly to SGX-DT without using the Member's infrastructure. This is known as Sponsored Access.

(b) where the Member permits its customer to transmit orders electronically to the Member's infrastructure (i.e., system architecture, which may include technical systems and/or connecting systems), where the order is in turn automatically transmitted for execution to a market under the Member's member ID.

Amended on 15 March 201315 March 2013.