(1) An issuer may consult the Exchange to resolve specific issues before it applies for listing of new securities.
(2) Unless the Exchange prescribes otherwise, the following sets out the usual steps in the additional listing process for a rights issue.
(a) The issuer makes an announcement in compliance with Rule 814(1) and submits one copy of the additional listing application. The application must be prepared in compliance with Rule 875 and supported by the documents prescribed in Rule 877 other than the abridged prospectus (or offering circular in the case of a foreign issuer);
(b) The Exchange reviews and decides on the application, and the issuer announces the Exchange's decision promptly;
(c) The issuer obtains shareholder approval (if required), fixes the record date and informs the Exchange;
(d) Upon receipt of the Exchange's in-principle approval for the listing and quotation of the new securities or shareholder approval for the issue of the new securities, whichever is later, the issuer must submit the abridged prospectus (offering circular) to the Exchange. The abridged prospectus (offering circular) must be in final form, as nearly as practicable, identical to the copy that will be lodged with the authority (or foreign authority as the case may be), where applicable;
(e) The issuer submits a copy of the abridged prospectus (offering circular) to the Exchange when it has lodged the abridged prospectus (offering circular) with the relevant authority, where applicable. The lodged copy of the abridged prospectus (offering circular) must not be materially different from the copy previously submitted to the Exchange. The issuer must submit a written confirmation to the Exchange to this effect;
(f) The Exchange will inform the issuer of any further information that is required to be disclosed. This will be done after lodgement of the abridged prospectus (offering circular) with the relevant authorities, where applicable, but before the commencement of nil-paid rights trading. The issuer has to decide whether to announce this information (not later than 2pm on the market day before commencement of nil-paid rights trading) or issue a supplementary abridged prospectus;
(g) If commencement of nil-paid rights trading is expected to be delayed, the issuer must make an announcement to this effect as soon as practicable but not later than 4pm on the market day before the commencement of nil-paid rights trading;
(h) After the close of the rights issue, the issuer allots and issues the new securities and the new securities are listed.

Amended on 7 February 20207 February 2020.