Subject to Rule 7.9.2 and Rule 7.9.3, in any Relevant Period, the Order shall be followed irrespective of the number of drawings on the Clearing Fund. In such Relevant Period, in the event that a drawing on the Clearing Fund shall draw on part only of the funds available at any Stage under Rules 7.9.1(2) to (6) of the Order (the "Unexhausted Stage") (whether or not funds from a previous Stage or previous Stages have also been drawn upon for that drawing), the next drawing on the Clearing Fund in the Relevant Period shall, after exhausting the Contributions made by the Defaulting Clearing Member in the Stage under Rule 7.9.1(1), draw first from the remaining funds available at the Unexhausted Stage before drawing from the next Stage(s) of the Order.

Amended on 3 May 20113 May 2011