Clearing Members shall submit to the Clearing House a daily report of Customers' Accounts and House Accounts, with details of such large positions in relation to such contracts as the Clearing House may prescribe (whether assumed or entered into on any Relevant Market or elsewhere). Such daily reports shall be submitted to the Clearing House by such time and/or in such manner as may be prescribed by the Clearing House.

Such report shall be in such form as the Clearing House may prescribe from time to time and shall include but not be limited to the account numbers and the number of open contracts in each month for a Commodity and, in the case of options, in each expiration month for a put or call option, in which any person owns or controls open positions in a single Contract Month or contract month or Delivery Month of any Commodity that equals or exceeds the reporting level for such Commodity or option prescribed from time to time by the Clearing House.

Amended on 22 September 200622 September 2006 and 7 December 20107 December 2010.