7.03A.9 Safekeeping Indemnity

7.03A.9.1 Any Collateral accepted by Clearing House shall be deposited with the appropriate custodian(s) designated by the Clearing House for safekeeping in a Clearing House account for House Contracts or in a Clearing House account for Customer Contracts, as the case may be, and the Clearing House shall retain control over such Collateral.
7.03A.9.2 The Clearing House shall not have any obligation or responsibility to preserve, protect, collect or realise, and under no circumstances shall the Clearing House be liable for any loss or diminution in value or depreciation in or in connection with, the Collateral maintained pursuant to this Rule.
7.03A.9.3 A Clearing Member who maintains Collateral with the Clearing House pursuant to this Rule shall indemnify and hold the Clearing House harmless from any loss, damage, costs, charges and/or expenses of whatsoever nature and howsoever arising ("Loss") suffered or incurred by the Clearing House to any designated custodian which may result from or arise with respect to:
a. any act, delay or omission in connection with Collateral (whether by such Clearing Member or the Clearing House) deposited with such designated custodian; or
b. any contract or agreement between the Clearing House and any designated custodian, or any representation, warranty or undertaking given by the Clearing House to any designated custodian, in relation to or otherwise in connection with Collateral deposited with such designated custodian, provided that this indemnity shall not cover any Loss and/or liability of the Clearing House attributable or referable to the gross negligence or wilful misconduct of the Clearing House or any of the Clearing House's officers, agents and/or employees.
7.03A.9.4 If any loss of Collateral occurs, or any Collateral becomes unavailable to the Clearing House, such that any obligation of the Clearing Member under this Rules or as may otherwise be owing to the Clearing House, pursuant to which such Collateral was deposited or provided, cannot be sufficiently met as determined by the Clearing House, the Clearing Member shall deposit with or provide to the Clearing House such additional Collateral as may be required to meet such obligation, within such time as the Clearing House may require.

Added on 26 April 201326 April 2013.