A Catalist issuer may apply to the Exchange in writing for transfer to SGX Main Board. The Exchange may allow the transfer if the issuer meets the following requirements:

(1) It has been listed on Catalist for at least two years;
(2) It meets:
(a) the following minimum quantitative requirements:
(i) Main Board Listing Rules 210(2)(a) and 210(3); or
(ii) Main Board Listing Rules 210(2)(b) and 210(3); or
(iii) Main Board Listing Rules 210(2)(c) and 210(4)(a)
When determining whether the issuer complies with the market capitalisation requirement in Main Board Listing Rule 210(2)(b) or Main Board Listing Rule 210(2)(c), the Exchange will take into account the issuer's average daily market capitalisation for one month preceding the application date.
(b) any other listing requirements that the Exchange may prescribe (either generally or in any particular case).
(3) It provides the Exchange with an undertaking to comply with all the Exchange's requirements and policies applicable to issuers listed on the SGX Main Board. The undertaking must be in the form set out in Main Board Listing Rules Appendix 2.3.1.
(4) An offer information statement required by the SFA (meeting the requirements in the Sixteenth Schedule) must be lodged with the Authority if the issuer intends to offer additional securities on SGX Main Board, or a draft shareholder's circular to approve the transfer must be submitted to the Exchange where there is no additional offer of securities.
(5) Its shareholders have approved the transfer by special resolution.
(6) It is in compliance with all applicable Catalist Rules.
(7) For the purpose of the transfer, an issuer may be required to increase the proportion of its issued and paid-up capital held in public hands to meet the minimum shareholding spread requirements applicable to SGX Main Board listing applicants set out in Main Board Listing Rule 210(1).

Amended on 10 August 201210 August 2012 and 7 February 20207 February 2020.