Rules 11.13.1 to 11.13.4 shall not apply to a Trading Member that holds a licence specified in Rule 4.1.1(1)(b). Such a Trading Member shall notify the Exchange immediately of any actions taken relating to:

(1) any reduction in paid-up ordinary share capital;
(2) any issue of any preference share;
(3) the entry into a subordinated loan agreement in a format other than the format prescribed by SGX-ST from time to time, drawing down on a qualifying subordinated loan or repayment whether in part or in full, any subordinated loan principal before or upon maturity;
(4) [Rule has been deleted.]
(5) that has or may have a financial or capital impact on the Trading Member and required to be reported to the Relevant Regulatory Authority.

Added on 19 May 201419 May 2014 and amended on 22 April 201922 April 2019.