Where, in the performance of his duties, the Trading Member's auditor becomes aware:—

(1) of any matter which in his opinion adversely affects or may adversely affect the financial position of the Trading Member to a material extent,
(2) of any matter which in his opinion constitute or may constitute a contravention breach of any provision of the SFA or any other relevant applicable laws and regulatory requirements relating to the regulation of organised markets and licenced entities, or an offence involving fraud or dishonesty,
(3) of any irregularity that has or may have a material effect upon the accounts, including irregularities that jeopardise the moneys or other assets of any customer of the Trading Member, or
(4) that the accounting system, internal accounting control and procedures for safeguarding moneys or other assets are inadequate and the inadequacies have a material effect on the accounts,

the auditor shall immediately report the matter to SGX-ST.

Amended on 19 May 201419 May 2014 and 8 October 20188 October 2018.