For outbound Orders, SGX-SPV:—

(1) must receive and route Orders from a Trading Member via the Exchange Link to the Foreign Portal Dealer for entry into the trading system of the Foreign Market;
(2) must provide electronic trade confirmation to the Trading Member in respect of an Order executed in the Foreign Market;
(3) without affecting the settlement procedures between CDP and a Clearing Member, must make payment denominated in the Foreign Market currency or deliver securities in accordance with the home exchange rules (as a customer of the Foreign Portal Dealer), as may be owed by it to the Foreign Portal Dealer;
(4) must effect delivery in accordance with the Clearing Rules. However, if SGX-SPV's obligations to deliver are delayed owing to a breakdown, error or malfunction of the systems or procedures of, or otherwise in connection with the Exchange Link, SGX-SPV must effect delivery as soon as practicable after rectification of the breakdown error or malfunction; and
(5) is not required to comply with the rule that requires all transactions in securities to be due on the third Market Day following the date of the trade (T+3).