303 Disciplinary Committee

Past version: Effective up to 06 Oct 2015

(1) The Disciplinary Committee comprises persons appointed by the Board. No director, officer or employee of SGX-ST may be appointed. The Disciplinary Committee must include at least 1 corporate finance practitioner as part of the quorum.
(2) The Board determines the chairman and deputy chairman of the committee. In the absence of the chairman, the deputy chairman will have all the powers of the chairman.
(3) The Disciplinary Committee has a quorum of 3 (including the chairman) when the meeting proceeds to business but may complete any business of a meeting with 2 members. In the case of an equality of votes, the chairman of the meeting will be entitled to a casting vote.
(4) The chairman will appoint a date, time and place for the hearing. SGX-ST and the person charged must be given reasonable notice of the hearing.
(5) Members of the Disciplinary Committee must notify the chairman before, or during, the hearing of any possible conflict of interest in relation to a charge. The chairman will decide whether the member concerned should attend the hearing of that charge. The chairman must abstain from hearing a charge in which he may have a conflict of interest.
(6) The Disciplinary Committee may adjourn and reconvene its proceedings as it thinks fit.
(7) Except where it is expressly provided in the Rules, the Disciplinary Committee may establish its own procedures.