Past version: Effective up to 23 Feb 2014

SGX-ST may consider the following factors when deciding whether to cancel an error trade under Rule 8.6.10:

(1) the difference between the price at which the error trade was done and the preceding traded price of the security or Futures Contract;
(2) the market liquidity in the security or Futures Contract at the time the error trade occurred;
(3) where the trade involves a Futures Contract, the trading behaviour of the underlying security;
(4) the monetary loss involved if the trade is or is not cancelled;
(5) the difference between the time the erroneous order was entered and the time it was matched;
(6) the number of counterparty customers involved;
(7) whether the force key was used when entering the erroneous order into the Trading System;
(8) the reason(s) given for the error; and
(9) any other factors which SGX-ST considers relevant.