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  • Part XII Procedures for Additional Listing Application (Secondary Listing)

    • 878

      An issuer with a secondary listing that proposes an issue of additional securities in a class listed on the Exchange must inform the Exchange of such issue and the decision of the home exchange. If the approval of the home exchange has been obtained, the Exchange will normally list the securities at the same time they are listed on the home exchange.

    • 879

      An application by an issuer with a secondary listing for the listing of an additional class of securities must comply with the following:—

      (1) It must submit to the Exchange one copy of the listing application and any accompanying documents that have been submitted to its home exchange;
      (2) It must inform the Exchange of the decision of its home exchange.
    • 880

      Where application is made for listing shares arising from the exercise or conversion of convertible securities for which listing approval has previously been granted, the issuer must submit an application in the format set out in Appendix 8.4.1, 8.4.2 or 8.4.3, together with the documents stipulated therein.