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  • 2.11 Membership Application

    • 2.11.1 Application

      An application for Membership shall be made to the Exchange in writing and the applicant shall pay the requisite fees prior to admission as a Member. The Exchange may require from the applicant such information, and may institute such investigation to verify information submitted by the applicant, as it deems fit. The Exchange may require the applicant, or one (1) or more representatives of the applicant, to attend an interview by the Exchange.

    • 2.11.2 Publication of Successful Applicants

      Save for individual Trading Members, the Exchange shall publish from time to time the names of successful applicants for Membership by means of a Circular or such other means as the Exchange may determine.

    • 2.11.3 Rejection of Application

      If the Exchange is of the view that the requirements for admission are not met or that the applicant is otherwise not fit for Membership, the Exchange is entitled to reject the application for Membership.

    • 2.11.4 Deemed Domicile

      A Member shall be deemed to have elected domicile at the address stated by it in its application or at the last address subsequently specifically notified by it in writing to the Exchange, as the case may be.