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  • 7.07A Invoicing Back of Open Positions to the Clearing House

    • 7.07A.1

      Where open positions are invoiced back to the Clearing House by any other Relevant Market (or clearing house) relating to a Contract subject to physical delivery prior to the matching process in Rule 6.02A.7, the Clearing House may invoice the positions back to Clearing Members holding appropriate positions (whether reported back to the Clearing House as being House or Customer positions) as at the date of such invoicing back, on a pro-rata basis, calculated as the proportion of such positions of each Clearing Member at the date of such invoicing back relative to the aggregate value of such open positions held by all non-defaulting Clearing Members (to be rounded down or up if the number of lots is not a whole number at the Clearing House's absolute discretion). Invoicing back shall be carried out by the Clearing House effecting and registering opposite positions between itself and each of the affected Clearing Members and thereupon settling such open positions against such opposite positions, at a price determined by the Clearing House. The Clearing House's actions, including the timing of the invoicing back and the price determined by the Clearing House shall be binding on all affected Clearing Members.

      Added on 1 October 20091 October 2009.