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  • 7.5 Obligations of a Trading Representative

    • 7.5.1 Compliance

      A Trading Representative must comply with the Rules, and any Directives SGX-ST prescribes.

    • 7.5.2 Acting for a Trading Member

      A Trading Representative must act for only 1 Trading Member.

    • 7.5.3 Good Business Practice

      A Trading Representative must adhere to the principles of good business practice in the conduct of his or her business affairs.

    • 7.5.4 Payment of Fees

      A Trading Representative must pay SGX-ST all fees, levies and charges as SGX-ST prescribes. SGX-ST may reduce or waive any fee, levy or charge.

    • 7.5.5 Register of Securities

      (1) A Trading Representative sponsored by a Trading Member that holds a Capital Markets Services Licence must maintain a register of securities in accordance with the Securities and Futures Act. The register must include futures contracts.
      (2) If asked by SGX-ST, a Trading Representative must produce the register for inspection.
      (3) A Trading Representative must permit SGX-ST to take extracts of the register.

      Amended on 3 April 20083 April 2008, 19 May 201419 May 2014, 29 December 201429 December 2014 and 8 October 20188 October 2018.

    • 7.5.6 Other Businesses

      (1) A Trading Representative must inform SGX-ST in writing at least 14 days before he or she engages in, or holds any substantial shareholding in, any other business that might potentially conflict with being a Trading Representative. The Trading Representative must ensure that the proposed engagement or shareholding is agreed to by his or her Trading Member.
      (2) The engagement (and any actions taken under it) or shareholding must not breach the Securities and Futures Act, Securities and Futures Regulations, the Rules, any Directives or any relevant law or regulation.
      (3) A Trading Representative must supply SGX-ST with any information it requires regarding the engagement or acquisition of shareholding.
      (4) If SGX-ST objects to the engagement or acquisition of shareholding, a Trading Representative must not proceed with it. SGX-ST may extend the period specified in Rule 7.5.6(1). If extended, the Trading Representative must not proceed with the engagement or acquisition of shareholding before the expiry of the extended period.
      (5) If an engagement or shareholding, in SGX-ST's opinion, is detrimental to the financial integrity, reputation or interests of SGX-ST, the principal Trading Member or its customers, SGX-ST may require the Trading Representative to end it.
      (6) If SGX-ST objects to the engagement or acquisition of shareholding or requires a Trading Representative to end it, the Trading Representative may, within 14 days after it is notified of SGX-ST's decision, appeal in writing to the SGX RegCo Board whose decision will be final.

      Refer to Directive No. 1.

      Amended on 15 September 201715 September 2017.

    • 7.5.7 Contact Details

      A Trading Representative must inform SGX-ST in writing of any change in his or her residential or mailing address or contact numbers within 7 days of the change.